Graduate Students

> Choo Yuan Ting
> Goh Seok Ping
> Eunice Ng Yi Hui
> Stanley Seah Wei Hou
> Tang Jun Hao
> Laura Yap Yen Ling

Laura Yap Yen Ling, Ph.D Student
Contact Details

Dept of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore
Science Drive 4
Singapore 117543
Tel: +65 65162704


Academic history

I graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2000. For my honours project I investigated the courtship and social behaviour of a local spitting spider, Scytodes pallida. For my current Masters research, I am extending my honours project to look into a wider range of spitting spider species from Singapore, Malaysia and China.


Research interests

I would like to study as many different species of Scytodes as possible and describe their social behaviour. By identifying the social step that has been attained in each species, I will be able to investigate the evolution of sociality in the genus Scytodes. Another area of interest is studying the behaviour of spiders of the same family, Scytodidae, but different genera, for example, spiders belonging to the genus Stedocys. Animal behaviour in general and conservation biology are my other areas of interest. .